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The accessories to progress in photography


Once you know how to use your camera, you might have to invest in some accessories to progress and be opened to other areas of photography. How can you choose between those accessories?

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Tips for successful food photos


The pleasure of photography can be enjoyed on any occasion and combining it with a good meal will delight gourmet photographers.

At the restaurant as well as at home, enhance your plate thanks to our tips.

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Tips for successful indoor photography in low-light conditions


Photographing indoors is a demanding practice, but a few tips will help you get properly exposed photos.

In low light and automatic mode, your camera tends to fire the flash, which is not very flattering and sometimes prohibited (museums, monuments). Pictures are often blurred because the speed is too low: how to cope with these constraints?

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The rule of thirds


You are just starting out or you are an amateur and you can't be completely satisfied of your shots? 

With Zeinberg, learn more about the rule of thirds, a guideline that has been helping artists and photographers for over 200 years. This principle of composition will allow you to capture your environment with new eyes and immortalize your next discoveries.

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How to photograph the moon with a smartphone?


Every amateur photographer tries to immortalize a sumptuous sunset one day, but few are thinking of capturing the moon. However, photographing the moon is an original photo idea that can even be done using a smartphone.

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“Les Rencontres De La Photographie” is a must for any photo lover. This year again, Arles is animated by the excitement of passionate people and professionals during the opening week from July, the 1st to the 7th. The opportunity to come back on the highlights of the 2018 edition and its thematic triptych: America, augmented humanity and May 68.


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How to shoot the sun rays


Integrate the sun to your photographs is an interesting idea because playing with the light and the sun rays will give some dynamism to your personal photos. However, this requires mastering a few tweaks by following our technical photo tips.

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10 photographs that changed the history


An image is worth a thousand words. In the press, during a photo exhibition, or on the social networks, the photograph affirms the highlights of our history. Flash back on the 10 photos that marked our time. 

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Why the poster is not unfashionable anymore?


Until recently the poster had gone out of fashion, impersonal and reproduced in high quantity by the major furniture brands. Today, the Fine Art finish is back to life thanks to its technical quality and the "naked" character it renders to the original image.

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Each new parent wants to immortalize the first weeks of his baby. Some go as far as taking a photo every day to create a bluffing montage retracing his first months. Why don’t you try?

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How to make beautiful night photos?


For a beginner or a professional, it is difficult to succeed night photos. However, by applying these tips, your nocturnal photos, portraits or landscapes, will do their effect.

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10 Original spots to take photos in Paris


Despite the appearances, it is possible to think outside the box to immortalize the city of light. Discover a dozen unusual places to capture the photogeny of Paris without falling into tourist clichés (no bad play on words).

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Addicted to social networks or decided to create a trendy profile: Instagram is the ideal platform. Everyone posts what looks like them but some photos make the difference; with these 10 photos, likes are guaranteed! 

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Tips to succeed your black and white photographs


Far from losing strength, the monochrome brings out the contrasts, the shapes and the shadows to magnify the light and the composition. The subject is then truly enhanced, since the color can distract our attention

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5 tips to start in photography


To learn the art of photography and to take great photos requires mastering simple principles. If you are just starting out and want your personal photos to be impressive, there is no need for photo training with these 5 tips: 


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6 tips to succeed your photos on your smartphone


Everyone likes to imagine himself as an amateur photographer, but sometimes some of us do not dare to go for photography without having some sharp material. Think again! Most smartphones have good built-in cameras. 


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Gift idea: a photo print


As the holidays are coming, you are probably looking for an original gift idea. Either for family or for friends, why don’t you offer them a framed photo print? Discover our suggestions for a unique and personalized gift. 

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