Enhance your holiday photos

Summer is coming to an end and with it the chapter of our holidays, near or far, is closing. Are you wondering how to get the best out of your holiday photos? Follow the advice of our partner photo lab of professional artist-photographers to hold on to the summer and the sweetness of its days.


Richard Hirst, Crystal © Yellow Korner



Did you press the shutter too quickly without paying attention to the composition of the image? Take advantage of the new school year to reframe your photos. Rely on the rule of thirds to reinforce the narrative or let your creativity guide your hand to emphasize the power of the image. For urban or architectural photography, be sure to straighten the image for strong, realistic perspectives. Crop your image in software or from your smartphone and then print it on Zeinberg in the appropriate format from Mini (19 x 13 cm) to Collector (180 x 120 cm). 


Pascal Mannaerts, Serenite at the Baoli of Bundi © Yellow Korner


Rather than putting together a photo album or opting for a photo book, items that will inevitably be forgotten in your bookshelf, enjoy your most successful holiday photos on a daily basis. A gallery-quality photo print will allow you to enjoy them all year round. Our advice? Choose a selection of holiday memories to create a series combining landscapes and portraits, colour and monochrome photographs. Our Gallery Framed finish brings elegance to the image, which is enhanced by a mat and is perfect for hanging a series of photographs.


Tuul and Bruno Morandi, The symphony of saris I © Yellow Korner



Holiday photographs benefit from having their colours intensified. Increasing the saturation of the image will enhance the landscape, for mountain photography as well as your seaside shots. Adjusting the temperature, brightness or shadows will enhance the drama of the image. You can also choose a filter with predefined settings, but be sure to keep the authenticity of your shot. To protect and enhance your retouched photo, the Zeinberg Acrylic Glass finish is an ideal choice that emphasises contrast and depth of field while magnifying the colours.


Akila Berjaoui, Seeing Positano © Yellow Korner



Whether for yourself or as a gift, Zeinberg prints of your holiday albums allow you to look forward to the new year without nostalgia and enjoy your summer adventures long after you return. 


© 2021, Justine Grosset pour Zeinberg


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